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The objective of Pictures of Delhi is to serve as a common platform for all Maharashtrians; either living in Delhi / North India or coming from any part of India or even any other place on this planet ! where they can contact each other in order to fullfill their social needs,promote and maintain marathi culture and language, maintain unity, develop and grow their business,or help each other in any way for a good,noble cause. Keeping this objective in mind we plan to provide the following information :

Delhi Marathi Events are now also being sent on What's App. Interested Marathi Persons wishing to Join What'sApp Delhi Marathi Group may kindly send the following information: Full Name, Married / Bachelor, Mobile Number, Full Delhi / NCR residential Postal Address, Your Recent Photo to whatsapp number : +918527323439 (This Number will be Used ONLY FOR What'sApp. ** Any SMS OR Voice Calls will be IGNORED.)

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Yashpal Mhaskar
Are you aware that :
The Marathi language is a derivative of the Sanskrit language of ancient India. Marathi is a short form for Maharathi, meaning the people of fighting class. For over 2,000 years, the people of the western region of India are known as warriors against the invaders. Marathi people are also referred to as Maharashtrians, meaning those who have the cultural heritage in the State of Maharashtra and also Maharashtra means Great Nation. Marathi people or Maharashtraians are nationalist in nature and they reflect the character of a great nation of India (Bharat).
we the Marathi people should be proud of our contribution to the freedom struggle of India. The seed of the freedom struggle was planted by a great Hindu King Shivaji Raje Bhonsle in mid 1650's. At the age of 16, he took a vow to fight against the atrocities by a Muslim king Aurangjeb against Hindus. Shivaji, whose conscience was guided by Hindu saints Tukaram and Ramdas, created Maratha empire that lasted almost 150 years.